Video Tutorials On How To Work With ChurchPlus

You will find video help on all most all the modules of Churchplus,use the headings to navigate to session you want to learn how to use.

Getting Started

Video help on how to get your accounts properly setup.

Introduction To Church

How To Sign in to ChurchPlus

ChurchPlus Profile

How to setup your Profile accounts.

Default Settings

How to setup default settings for Churchplus

All About the Dashboard

Knowing the health status of your ministry using the Dashboard.

User Management

Managing users that can login to ChurchPlus and What they can do.


Video help on how to easily manage the information of members of the church, new converts and first timers, build stronger relationships and connect with people personally. The Membership Module provides a powerful search functionality with quick email and SMS feature.

People Management

How to Add A Person Information to ChurchPlus

Contact Edit

How to search and update member info.

Contact Delete

How to delete a contact.

Working Offline With ChurchPlus

How to work with ChurchPlus Offiline.

Microsoft Excel And Contact Maagement

How to Download The Excel Template From ChurchPlus

Microsoft Excel And Contact Maagement

How to upload the Excel template of Members to ChurchPlus

Members and Communication

How to send sms and emails.

First Timers

How to Add First Timer And New Converts

First Timer To Member

How to move first-timer to full member.


The module makes it very easy for the church to manage the various groups of the church or congregation and the various members of the group. You can easily send sms and email to the members of the group.

Creating Groups And Departments

How to create a group and department on ChurchPus

Group Communication Management

How to send sms and emails to groups


Video help on Sending unlimited rich emails to members of your congregations. Easily select and remove recipients of any email operation. Communicate quicker with members of the congregation using the built in SMS messaging system.

Working with SMS

How to send SMS

Working With SMS Drafts

How to save SMS as Draft

Schedule Email and SMS messges

How to Schedule messges

Email Communication

How to Send Email messages

Working With Email Drafts

How to save Email as Draft

Auto Campaigns

How to setup automated message campaigns


Video Help On How To Maintain accurate records of all church events and services, track testimonies, attendance, new converts and church financials. Automate email and sms church service and events reminders to be sent to members on due date and time.

Events Management

How to Create an Event

Events Reporting and Register

How to Add activity report,attendance and first timers for events

Church Accounting

Video Help On How To Work With Accounting Module.

Activating Accounts

How to Activate the accounting module of churchplus

Accounts Management

Creating More Accounts

Fund Management

How to create funds.

Offerings And Contributions

Adding Offering or Contribution

Other Forms Of Income

Adding An Other forms of Income

Expenses Management

Adding Expenses

Offerings Category

How to Add A New Offering Category.

House Fellowship

How to work with zone, cell and house fellowships.

House/Cell Fellowships

How to create zone and housefellowships.

House Fellowship Membership

How to add people to house fellowship

House Fellowship Communications

How to Send SMS and Emails To House Fellowship Members

House Fellowship Activities

How to Add Activity Report For House Fellowship.

House Fellowship Delete

How to delete house fellowships


Working with various reports on ChurchPlus.

Generating Membership Report

How to generate Membership Report

Generating Financial Reports

How to Generate Financial Reports

Financial Report

How to Generate Performance Report.

Exporting Reports

How to Export Reports to PDF, Word Or Excel